(2 way) HD Portable Monitor

SIZE Inlet: NH 2½”(F) x 2
Outlet: NH 2½”(M)
ELEVATION Up +85 / Down +5
WEIGHT 26 Kg (Monitor)
4.2 Kg (Hydro-Foam Nozzle)


(2 way) HD Portable Monitor
(2 way) HD Portable Monitor

HD Portable monitor model PGM is used where fixed firefighting facilities are not available. This monitor protects fire fighters from dangerous situation. HD portable monitor is made of light weighted aluminium for easy handling and securely fixed on the ground by stainless steel foldable legs. It comes along with Monitor HydroFoam or Water Nozzle. The Hydro-Foam nozzle is set for foam induction of 3% for AFFF Foam and is accompanied with pick-up tube for foam
suction. Flow Details are given below. TABLE I
Flow Chart
Jet Reach
100PSI 750 GPM 50
100PSI 1000 GPM 55
Standard supply is with 2 nos. inlets, 63 mm  (2.1/ 2″) NH. Stainless steel foldable legs are provided with spikes for sturdy ground base, easy mobility and usage. These spikes are
essential for safe operation of the monitor and must be in contact with the ground at all times. Set the monitor on an even surface so that all spikes contact the ground. If the spikes are found damaged, contact manufacturer before use. It can be easily deployed and operated by a single firefighter.
 Always unfold all the legs for proper mounting. In the unfolded position the legs provide a stable base for operation of the monitor. Lack of stability can cause an out of control monitor resulting in injury or death. Do not operate as a portable monitor with either one or both legs in the folded position.  For stable operation the spikes must maintain in contact with the ground. User needs to ensure that the contact is firm and secure. Do not place the monitor on top of debris, or uneven terrain that would keep any of the spikes from contacting the ground.  An out of control monitor can cause injury or death. Do not attempt to move the monitor with water flowing.  Low nozzle elevation angles can cause
portable monitors to slide or lift off the ground which can result in injury or death. Do MARCH 2020 1 not operate the monitor on the portable base below the elevation.
 Follow caution when turning on the water to the monitor on the portable base. In some situations, it may cause the portable base to slide or tip or both. Open the pumper valve
to the monitor slowly for avoid this situation. CAUTION  All installation instructions need to be followed. Failure of that might result into serious inquiry to the operator.
 Do not operate the Monitor at higher pressures than recommended.  Do not drop the Monitor or Nozzle.  Do not dis-assemble any Parts without consulting HD after Sales Team.  The Monitor not meant to be used in freezing temperatures.  The Monitor should be visually inspected prior to each use, to ensure it is in good operating condition.