TYPICAL PROPERTIES PARAMETERS VALUES Appearance Clear liquid to Amber Colour liquid Specific Gravity @20°C (68°F) 1.02 ± 0.02 pH @ 20°C (68°F) 8.0 ± 1.0 Viscosity @ 20°C (68°F) <2cSt Pour Point* Flows at –2o C Expansion ** >7 25% Drainage ** >2 min 15 sec NOTE * Available in Freeze Protected Type ** Value depends equipment used and system parameters ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION Being based on C6 fluoro surfactants, HD AFFF 3-C6 is environmentally safer and low toxic to the aquatic organisms. It is bio-degradable. Local regulations should be complied with for discharge into common drainage/sewage systems. Refer MSDS for additional information. PACKAGING The product is available in 20L Jerry Cans, 200L Drums, 1000L Tote and bulk packing.



HD AFFF 3-C6 is a synthetic Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate, specially formulated with new generation C6 based fluorinated surfactants which are environmentally safer. HD AFFF 3-C6 is formulated with C6 based fluorinated surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants and solvents. It produces a thin yet strong film on Hydrocarbon fuel surface, sealing the surface and preventing fuel vapour release.
The foam spreads rapidly on fuel surface due to positive spreading provided by fluoro surfactants while the foam blanket excludes oxygen from the fuel surface and provides cooling effect leading to fast flame knockdown and extinguishment. HD AFFF 3-C6 is intended for use at 3% solution in fresh, sea/salt or hard water. APPLICATION HD AFFF 3-C6 is suitable for Class B fires of hydrocarbons like crude oil, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene etc. in sectors like Refineries, Tank Terminals, Process Areas, Power Plants, Port Terminals, Airports, Flammable Liquid Containment Area, Offshore and Onshore Installations etc. HD AFFF 3-C6 can also be used as a wetting agent
in combating fires in Class A materials such as wood, paper and tyres. PROPORTIONING HD AFFF 3-C6 can be used with all types of Foam
Proportioning & Discharge Devices such as Portable and Fixed Foam Proportioners, Branch Pipes, Foam Bladder tanks, Ratio Controllers and around-thepump proportioners, Spray Fog Nozzles, Monitors, Foam Makers, Foam Chambers, Foam Pourers, Rim seal Foam Pourers, Foam Sprinklers etc. APPROVALS AND LISTINGS UL Listed as per UL-162 standard STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE It has a maximum shelf life of 15 years when stored in its original container. Storage temperature should be below 49°C. The product can withstand intermittent short time exposure up to 60°C. Ensure that the containers are not directly exposed to sunlight and heat. It is unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles. COMPATIBILITY HD AFFF 3-C6 is compatible with dry powders and other equivalent foams. It is suitable for twin agent
application systems, separately or in combinatio