STORAGE CAPACITY 200 to 10000 Ltrs.
MATERIAL OF Stainless Steel (304 or 316)
CONSTRUCTION or Carbon Steel with FRP
EXPANSION DOME 2% of Total Tank Capacity
FINISH Red RAL 3001 or Yellow
ORDERING Specify Tank Capacity,
INFORMATION Material of Construction of
Tank, Optional: Accessories



Atmospheric foam concentrate storage tank is used with Inline Foam Inductor and Inline Balance Pressure Foam Proportioning system. Refer to data-sheets/ product catalogues of these devices for equipment operational and installation guidelines.

The atmospheric foam concentrate storage tank is manufactured in stainless sel material. The tank is provided with an expansion dome with a volume not less than 2% of the total capacity of the tank. All the tanks must be kept filled upto the level of half way of expansion dome. A sediment sump is provided at the bottom of the concentrate tank. The tank is provided with an inlet, an outlet, a drain connection and a fill connection. The horizontal tanks are supported by two saddles/legs welded to the tank and drilled for anchoring. Tank is provided with lifting lugs, designed to lift empty tanks. The tank has flat ends but can be provided with dished ends if needed.
When using AFFF or AR-AFFF type foam concentrates in the storage tank, it is recommended that a thin layer (approximately 6mm) of a quality mineral/sealer oil be placed on the surface of the foam concentrate after filling the tank with the correct quantity. This alleviates the problem associated with evaporation of the foam concentrate. The foam concentrate should be inspected periodically following any of these standards: NFPA11, EN 13565-2, or other relevant standards. For tanks containing mineral oil, special tools should be used during annual sampling exercise to make sure that no oil is taken with the foam. Stainless steel pipes need to be used for all interconnecting
piping to the tank, especially with HD AFFF/AR-AFFF types of foam concentrates. Carbon Steel pipes shall not be used and pipes carrying foam concentrate shall not be galvanized. Foam spillage over the coated tank shall be avoided or cleaned immediately with clean water.
• If the tank has been received in a satisfactory condition, place the tank in the desired level location and anchor to the ground. The tank should be lifted with the use of lifting lugs only.
• If possible, leave an area around the tank free from any walls and obstacles etc.
• All interconnecting piping must be self-supported firmly to prevent stress on the tank.
• Preferably the tank should be installed under a shed. If not, care should be taken that the ambient temperature of the environment does not go above 50 degree Celsius for long durations. Reference Catalogues:
Inline Foam Inductors: HD 187
Inline Balance Pressure Foam Proportioners: HD 289
Foam Concentrate By-Pass Valve: HD 186
Skid Mounted Balance Foam Proportioning System: HD 190
The tank is provided with following as standard supply:
1. Fill connection with expansion dome.
2. Drain connection at bottom.
3. Flanged suction connection at the bottom of tank.
4. Flanged return connection at the bottom or at
the top of tank.
5. Sight Gauge
6. Air Vent
7. Lifting Lugs
Optional Supply:
1. Ladder
2. Level Switch/ Level Transmitter
3. Custom nozzle connections, sizes, locations &
4. Platform on the top
5. Disshed instead of flat end
6. Vertical configurations
7. Seismic/ Structural Analysis