D. HD-262-Portable-Inline-Inductor

MODEL Stainless Steel Construction
IE225-7S, IE225-12S,
IE450-7S & IE450-12S
Bronze Construction
IE225-7B, IE225-12B,
IE450-7B & IE450-12B
SIZE 65 NB (2.5”)
WORKING 7 or 12.3 kg/sq.cm
PRESSURE (100 to 175 psi)
CONNECTION 2½ inch Male Instantaneous
Coupling at Inlet
2½ inch Female Instantaneous
Coupling at Outlet
(As per BS:336 and IS:903)
MATERIAL Standard supply: Stainless
Steel 304 (CF8)
Optional supply: Stainless
Steel 316 (CF8M) or Bronze.
Pickup Tube is Stainless Steel
FINISH Yellow finish
APPROVAL FM Approved with HD
AFFF-3% & AR-AFFF 3×3%
ORDERING Specify Model & Inlet


D. HD-262-Portable-Inline-Inductor
D. HD-262-Portable-Inline-Inductor

HD make Hand Held/ Portable Inline Inductors series IE225 and IE450 are designed primarily for use in the manual firefighting operation to provide a simple and reliable method of proportioning in constant flow applications. Each Inductor is designed for a pre-determined water pressure to give the correct proportioning at that pressure and discharge rate. Inductors are preset at flow and pressure as specified in Table-I. The increase or decrease of the inlet pressure will result in an increase or decrease in the flow rate, which in turn will change the proportioning.

The material of construction of the portable inline inductor is corrosion resistant Stainless Steel or Bronze. The inductors have  instantaneous couplings at inlet and outlet for easy and fast deployment in the field. A rugged handle is provided to relocate the inductor during operation. A clear transparent helix wire braided pickup tube of 1.5 meters long with Stainless steel dip tube is provided. Inductors IE225 and IE450 are to be used with matching foam branch pipes BP225 and BP450. Improper selection of branch pipe will not give the
desired performance. Mismatch of the inductor and branch pipe will lead to either reduced throw or no induction. Refer table for proper matching of the Portable Inline Inductor and Foam Branch pipe, longer length can be used if care is taken to keep the hose in straight length & level between inductor & branch pipe.
It is recommended to use maximum 2 lengths – 15 meters of hose of 2.5” size for coupling to the inductor with branch pipe