E. Pressure Gauge HDP-1

DIAL SIZE HDP & HDP-1 – 90mm (3.5”)
HDP-2 – 100 MM (4”)
CONNECTION 1/4” BSPT (Standard Supply)
1/4” NPT (Optional)
RANGE HDP – 0 to16 Kg./Sq.Cm
& 0-250 PSI
HDP-1 – 0 to 21 Kg./Sq.Cm
& 0-300 PSI
HDP-2 – 0 to 21 Kg./Sq.Cm
& 0-300 PSI
BURDON TUBE & HDP & HDP-1 – Phosphorus
WETTED PARTS Bronze Burdon Tube &
Brass moving parts
HDP-2 – Monel
DIAL TYPE White background
black graduation scale
with dual reading in
Kg./ Sq.Cm and PSI
CASE AND BAZEL Polished Stainless Steel Case
with positive seal against
weather, moisture & dust.
HDP-2 is Glycerine filled.
WINDOW Hardened Glass
ACCURACY +/- 2% of FSD for
middle half of scale
WEIGHT (Approx) 0.3 Kg for HDP & HDP-1
0.8 Kg for HDP-2
HDP-1, HDP-2 – UL Listed &
(FM Approved)
ORDERING Specify connection & Model


E. Pressure Gauge HDP-1
E. Pressure Gauge HDP-1

Pressure Gauges are specifically designed for Fire Sprinkler Services. Model HDP & HDP-1 has corrosion resistant polished stainless steel case and Bazel and Brass wetted parts. Model HDP-2 is having Monel internal and Glycerine filled for sea water application. The dial has pressure reading in KG/SQCM and PSI. The gauge window is hardened glass.
The pressure gauge must be mounted by square provided for spanner grip on the socket and not by turning the case. Turning of case will damage the gauge. Use PTFE tape around male threads of the gauge for sealing. Pressure gauge must be mounted in vertical position and isolated with valve or cock. The pressure gauge must be handled with due care.
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