E. Varsha60

NOZZLE FLOW As per Table – I
WATER INLET 6” Flanged (ANSI B16.5)
MATERIAL OF Bronze / Stainless Steel
CONSTRUCTION with Stainless Steel
JET SPRAY About 120 degree angle
WEIGHT (Approx) Bronze Nozzle – 47 Kg
SS Nozzle – 46 Kg


E. varsha60
E. varsha60

VARSHA-60, is fixed gallonage master stream nozzle, designed for heavy-duty use on fixed monitors. The nozzle is factory set for required flow between 1500 to 3300 GPM. The flow can be changed in the field by replacing plunger or addition of spacer. The flow pattern easily changeable under flowing condition. Superior fog pattern with field changeable spinning teething. Excellent for AFFF application when used with premixed water-foam solution. The nozzle is available with two different materials, Bronze or Stainless Steel all with Stainless Steel internals. The performance data shown in this catalogue is effective stream trajectory in stand still air condition. The maximum overall reach of last water drop is approximately 3-5% more than the effective stream performance data given. The effective stream
decreases by about 10% when used as foam nozzle with premixed water foam solution. The jet stream may get effected considerably with tail or head wind. MAINTENANCE The nozzle must be inspected regularly for possible damage or dirt around the moving parts. If any abnormal conditions are observed such as poor discharge,  excessive wear, water leak, corrosion effect, damage etc., then nozzle must be taken out of service and repaired by qualified technician or replaced. The debris trapped in the nozzle may effect the nozzle performance. To remove trapped debris, the water flow must be stopped and thereafter carefully unscrew and remove the nozzle deflector. Clean the nozzle and reassemble. While re-assembling the nozzle or as a normal preventive maintenance, water proof lubricant must be used on seal and moving parts for smooth operation. The nozzle must be operated periodically under full flow straight stream and for fog pattern.
Under normal condition water must be flown through the nozzle periodically and dirt, around exterior moving parts must be cleaned, allowing nozzle to operate properly. The nozzle must be inspected prior to and after each use. Greasing the moving parts and ‘O’ ring is
required periodically. Over a time the seals may need to be replaced. The owner is responsible for maintenance of the nozzle in proper operating condition. After use with foam, nozzle should be flushed with fresh water. CAUTION A trained personnel for fire fighting, with appropriate guidance & training must use the product to reduce the risk or injury. The nozzle must be fixed to the monitor carefully.
Application of water or foam on an electric appliance can cause serious injury by electrocution, as water is a conductor of electricity.
The water supply to the nozzle must be gradual. Sudden surge of water supply must be avoided. The monitor mounting must be supported properly to support the nozzle reaction force