E. vertical-sidewall-sprinkler-big

Style Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers
Temperature Standard Response with 5mm
Response glass bulb, Quick Response
with 3mm glass bulb
Coverage Standard Coverage
K-Factor 5.6 US (80 metric)
Nominal Thread Size ½” BSPT or NPT
Max. Working 175 PSI (12 Bar)
Factory Hydrostatic 500 PSI (35 Bar)
Test Pressure
Min. Operating 7 PSI (0.5 Bar)
Temp. Rating 68°C (155°F)
79°C (175°F) / 93°C (200°F)
Approvals UL Listed
Finish Chrome Plated
Ordering Style, Temp. Rating &
Information Response, Thread size
SIN Number HD105 – Standard Response
HD205 – Quick Response


E. vertical-sidewall-sprinkler-big
E. vertical-sidewall-sprinkler-big

HD vertical sidewall sprinklers are designed for use in
light and ordinary hazards for standard installation. The
design provides a crescent-shaped water discharge
pattern for installation along a wall or side of a beam.
The temperature response type is standard response
(5 mm. glass bulb) and quick response (3mm glass
bulb). The fast response type glass bulb and the special
deflector combine speed of operation and area of
coverage making it an ideal choice for standard coverage
applications while being aesthetically pleasing. Chrome
plating gives the sprinkler a good corrosion resistance
in most types of corrosive environments.
The Sprinkler operating device is state of the art heat
responsive frangible glass bulb supplied by a world
leader in this innovative technology. The glass bulb
contains a fluid which expands when exposed to heat.
When the rated temperature is reached, the bulb
shatters and water flows through the sprinkler and
strikes the deflector, forming a uniform water spray
pattern to control or extinguish the fire.
The sprinkler must be handled with due care. They must
be stored in cool place for best results. The storage
as well as any onward shipment has to be made in
original packing only. Sprinklers must be visually
inspected carefully before installation. Sprinklers
visibly damaged, dropped or exposed to temperature
in excess of the maximum ambient temperature
permitted, should never be installed. Never install any
glass bulb sprinkler if the bulb is cracked or if there is
a loss of liquid from the Bulb.
Sprinklers must be installed after the piping is in
place, to prevent mechanical damage.
Use Teflon tape or soft thread sealant on male thread
of the sprinkler for leak tight sprinkler joint. Use
proper wrench. A leak-tight 1/2 NPT/BSPT sprinkler
joint should be obtained by applying maximum torque
of 19.0 N-m (14 lb-ft). Excessive tightening torque
may distort the sprinkler inlet and cause leakage.
Sprinklers must never be painted, plated or coated
after they leave factory.
The HD sprinkler described herein must be installed
and maintained in accordance with the latest edition
of HD technical data, latest standards of the National
Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Factory Mutual
(FM) or to the standard of any other authorities
having jurisdiction. The owner is solely responsible for
maintaining their fire protection system and devices in
proper operating condition.
Exposure to ultraviolet or direct sunlight for extended
period may cause the liquid dye in glass bulb to fade
or lose colour. Colourless or faded coloured bulbs are
not a problem, as long as the fluid level has not been
affected. The loss of colour in the liquid will not effect
sprinkler performance, as long as the bulb is intact
and not damaged. The loss of colour may be an issue
in identifying sprinkler temperature rating, but the
temperature rating is still stamped on the sprinkler
Refer to NFPA 25 for inspection, testing and
maintenance requirement or to the authority having
jurisdiction. For detail of warranty refer HD’s current
conditions of sale or contact HD Sales directly