NOMINAL SIZE 6 Inch (150 NB)
MAX. SERVICE 175 PSI (12 Bar)
FACTORY 400 PSI (27.6 Bar)
SWIVEL JOINT Bronze to IS 318 / ASTM B62
with double row of Stainless
Steel Ball Bearing and Grease
NOZZLE THRUST Flow in LPM X √Pressure
REACTION IN Kg. in Kg./sq.cm. X 0.0228
INLET CONNECTION 6 Inch (150 MM) Flange
to ANSI B16.5 #150, R.F.
OUTLET CONNECTION 6 Inch (150 MM) Flange
to ANSI B16.5 #150, R.F.
MONITOR ELEVATION 90 Deg. above horizontal
& 65 Deg. below horizontal
MONITOR ROTATION 360 Deg. continuous
MONITOR MOVEMENT Hand wheel driven worm
gear fully enclosed
WEIGHT (Approx) 224 Kg
ORDERING Specify Monitor Model
APPROVAL FM Approved for 1500,
1750, 2000, 2100 &
2200 GPM

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The monitor Model- VARUN 613 is durable manual  controlled low profile monitor for fixed installation as well as trailer mounted unit. The monitor is generally used for protection of flammable liquid storage tanks, loading racks, dykes marine and many other Industrial applications. The Monitor  ossess several design features that provides ease of operation, minimum maintenance and resistance to normally destructive environments. The monitor is used with aspirating, non-aspirating and water nozzles with flow range upto 3300 GPM  (12500 LPM). The monitor has welded carbon steel 6 inch (150 NB) water way. All steel parts are hot dip galvanized and epoxy painted for excellent corrosion resistance. The vertical and horizontal rotation is through corrosion resistant bronze swiveling joints with double row of stainless steel ball bearing. Both vertical and horizontal movements are controlled with handwheel driven fully enclosed worm gears and protected from the elements. The monitor has large flow capability and can be manually operated by a single fire fighter. The design ensures to prevent jet reaction forces from effecting horizontal and vertical position of the monitor. The counter balance is not required to offset the weight of the nozzle. The monitor has the ability for 360 deg. continuous horizontal rotation and angle of elevation
is adjustable with fix stop from +90 deg. above horizontal to -65 deg. below horizontal. The water vanes in discharge tube reduces the turbulence and friction loss, thus increasing the nozzle performance to achieve greater range. To ensure desired performance, the friction loss through monitor must be considered while selecting the nozzle and the flow through the monitor with reference to available base pressure at inlet of the monitor. For flow and jet reach data refer monitor nozzle data sheet. HD 145 HD FIRE PROTECT PVT. LTD. INSTALLATION, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE
The monitor must be installed and operated carefully by a trained person, having good knowledge of equipment. Before assembly of the monitor to the supply piping, thoroughly flush the piping with water to avoid sand, residue, welding slag or other debris hindering the proper functioning of the monitor. After few initial successful tests, an authorized person must be trained to perform the inspection and testing of the monitor. The monitor should be ready for use. To achieve this condition, scheduled inspection and maintenance operation should be performed and it must be recorded
in the maintenance register book indicating the requirement or recommendation. The recommended maintenance, procedure must be followed as given in the manual and also as per the local authority having jurisdiction. It is recommended to carry out weekly physical inspection of the monitor. The inspection should verify that no damage has taken place to any component and the monitor is ready for use. Carry out functional test every month for the flow, regular rotation in horizontal and vertical plane for the entire operating range to observe any leakage. Periodic proper greasing through grease nipple provided on bearing, worm wheel and worm shaft must be ensured. Use water resistant low friction synthetic grease. Lubrication is required for smooth operation. Each monitor must be operated with the full flow in accordance to the guidelines of the organisation having local jurisdiction.
The owner is responsible for maintaining the equipment in proper operating condition. CAUTION A trained personnel for fire fighting must use
the monitor. Appropriate guidance & training must be given to reduce the risk or injury. The nozzle must be fixed to the monitor carefully, The
flange bolts must be tightened uniformly. The piping must be able to with stand the horizontal reaction force. Serious injury to personnel and
equipment can result from improper installation. When installing monitor it is critical that flange bolts be tightened uniformly to prevent cocking
of the monitor relative to the flange or valve. Before flowing water from monitor, check that all personnel are out of stream path and stream
direction will not cause avoidable property damage. Application of water or foam on an electric appliance can cause serious injury.
The water supply to monitor must be increased / decreased gradually to prevent possible water hammer occurrence.